Shoe Dryer Deerma DEM-HX10W

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U-shaped design for improved performance


For shoes to last a long time, proper care is needed. During rainy weather, shoes get wet and as a result, the material deteriorates. For this purpose, Deerma has developed a special shoe dryer. While the previous model only allowed you to dry one pair of shoes, the HX10W model is designed in a way that you can dry two pairs of shoes at the same time, saving your valuable time.


MEZAMO.HU - Shoe Dryer Deerma DEM-HX10W



More than a shoe dryer


Not only does it dry soaked shoes, but it also takes care of the health of your feet by preventing the spread of bacteria. Moisture that remains inside your shoes can cause bacteria to grow so the HX10W dryer eliminates them.The ceramic ozone generator inside the device produces a large amount of ozone infiltrating every fiber of the shoe oxidizing and decomposing the odor factor and inhibiting the growth of fungi. The temperature between 30-55°C destroys 99.9% of bacteria without damaging the footwear. In addition, the device warms the shoes adding comfort on cold days.


MEZAMO.HU - Shoe Dryer Deerma DEM-HX10W



 For every type of shoe


The device has 4 drying modes so that you can dry any type of footwear. The standard mode will dry boots or winter shoes. A special mode for leather shoes will dry them thoroughly without damaging the material. The third mode will gently dry sneakers and the last one, ozone drying, will dry, for example, socks.

MEZAMO.HU - Shoe Dryer Deerma DEM-HX10W


 Also dries high shoes thoroughly


Drying tall shoes such as boots can be a bit tricky. To make things easier for you, the DEM-HX10 is equipped with special bracket that give you better balance and stability. They also ensure that the unit effectively dries shoes at their full height. So you can be sure that your shoes will be perfectly dry.

MEZAMO.HU - Shoe Dryer Deerma DEM-HX10W


Efficient and multifunctional


Other shoe dryers don’t reach so deep inside the shoe and only dry a small area of the shoe. The Deerma HX10W has a 27cm hose that reaches inside each shoe, drying it thoroughly. With this device you can also dry clothes or get rid of moisture from larger spaces such as the kitchen or a living room.

MEZAMO.HU - Shoe Dryer Deerma DEM-HX10W


Triple protection system


The temperature of the dryer is strictly controlled by a regulator inside the device. In addition, a fuse protects against overheating, making it safe to use. When drying is complete, the lower part of the shell is cooled to reduce the risk of burns and maintain safety.

MEZAMO.HU - Shoe Dryer Deerma DEM-HX10W




NameShoe Dryer
Rated voltage220-240V~50/60Hz
Rated power235W
Product size211 x 117 x 280 mm
Weight1.2 kg
FeaturesDryer, Timer, Deodorization, Sterilizing



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