Roidmi Tire Inflator

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Roidmi tire inflator

Insufficient tire pressure – this problem can happen to anyone. A long car journey, a bicycle or a motorcycle trip – it is always worth having a reliable compressor at hand. Roidmi brand device not only allows you to inflate the wheel, but also significantly reduces the duration of the entire process. Battery with capacity of 2600mAh means that you can use it many times after one charge. The digital display makes it easy to operate the compressor, and the built-in LED light allows you to use it comfortably even at night. The product is also lightweight and handy. The set includes 3 interchangeable nozzles, which will prove useful in various applications.

MEZAMO.HU - Roidmi Tire Inflator


Fast pumping

Do you care about time? You don’t feel like waiting in the sun, in a snowstorm or in a downpour for your tire to be inflated? Tire inflator by Roidmi will be a real hit! The device is equipped with a third generation DC motor with a permanent magnet, thanks to which it stands out with its impressive efficiency and saves up to 7 minutes when inflating a single tire. No more waiting around and no more wasting time looking for the nearest repair shop!

MEZAMO.HU - Roidmi Tire Inflator


Lightweight and durable

When designing the compressor, every detail was taken care of. The device is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which gives it an incredible lightness, and at the same time strength and resistance to damage. The surface of the cylindrical body is covered with a special protective layer, which not only protects it from damage, but also makes it pleasant to the touch. Using the Roidmi mini-compressor thus proves to be extremely comfortable.

MEZAMO.HU - Roidmi Tire Inflator


Inflates multiple tires on a single charge

No longer do you have to recharge the compressor after each use. The durable 2600mAh battery is capable of inflating up to 6 car tires, 7 motorbike tires or 9 bicycle tires when fully charged! In standby mode, the device works for up to a year – so you don’t have to worry about it failing at a critical moment. The built-in USB-C port means you can charge the compressor with a regular charger, car charger, or even a powerbank.

MEZAMO.HU - Roidmi Tire Inflator


Get convenient access to practical compressor modes

The device is equipped with a smart digital touchscreen display that provides convenient access to the most important information and functions. You can use it to select from several inflation modes. When the tire pressure reaches the set value, the compressor will automatically stop. The screen also gives you the ability to monitor tire pressure.

MEZAMO.HU - Roidmi Tire Inflator


Built-in lighting for your safety

To make every trip even easier and safer for you, the compressor has a built-in LED light. Thanks to it, you can comfortably use it even after dark. It will work not only as an auxiliary light, but also as a warning light. There is also an SOS mode – if you find yourself in a particularly difficult situation on the road, activate it to get someone’s attention and get help.

MEZAMO.HU - Roidmi Tire Inflator


Always with you

Say goodbye to heavy, bulky compressors. The device from Roidmi weighs only 480g and its size and shape resembles a can of Coke. Its transport will not cause you any problems – it will not take up much space in your car, you can easily fit it in a backpack or even in your pocket! The practical handle allows you to hang the mini compressor on the strap of your bag. You can always have this unique device at hand and be sure that the air escaping from your tires will not ruin your bike trip or holiday car journey. Safe and convenient transportation of the product is possible thanks to the included carrying case, which can insulate the heat and protect the stored items against knocks.

MEZAMO.HU - Roidmi Tire Inflator


Suitable for many applications

The included accessories will make it easier for you to use the compressor and provide you with additional possibilities. In the package you will find 3 interchangeable tips. The french valve adapter is useful e.g. for motorcycles or cars. The gas needle allows you to fill up the air in a volleyball or basketball, for example. The plastic gas nozzle is also suitable for tire inflation on mountain bikes and city bikes.

MEZAMO.HU - Roidmi Tire Inflator


In the box

  • Tire inflator
  • Storage bag
  • French valve adapter
  • Gas needle
  • Plastic gas nozzle
  • User manual




NameMojietu Cordless Speed Air Pump Lightning
Product dimensions70x140mm
Package dimensions175x135x85mm
Rated voltageDC 7.4V
Rated power50W
Max. pressure150psi
Max. current<7A
Battery capacity2600mAh (18650 lithium battery)
LED LightLighting, warning lights, SOS lights
Exposed length of throat180mm+20mm
Operation timeUp to 30 minutes
Operating temperature range-20°C~+60°C
Storage temperature range-30°C~+70°C
Electronic pressure gauge range0-120psi
Electronic pressure gauge accuracy35psi+1.5psi



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