Dreame V11 cordless vertical vacuum cleaner

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A new era of vacuum cleaners

Cleaning your apartment, house or car has never been so easy and quick with the revolutionary Dreame V11 vacuum cleaner. The powerful brushless motor enclosed in the unit gives enormous suction power, so the vacuum cleaner can handle any kind of dirt. Low weight (only 1.6 kg) and modern OLED display make cleaning even easier.

MEZAMO.HU - Dreame V11 cordless vertical vacuum cleaner

Easy to store and clean

The special wall mount bracket saves space for storage and the dust container and filters can be easily cleaned under running water to maintain the excellent cleaning performance and extend the life of the vacuum cleaner.

MEZAMO.HU - Dreame V11 cordless vertical vacuum cleaner

Extended working time

The improved 3000 mAh battery allows for 90 minutes of continuous operation with a single charge, enough to vacuum a large area. After exhaustion of the battery, full charging takes 4 hours.

MEZAMO.HU - Dreame V11 cordless vertical vacuum cleaner

Silent operation

The Dreame V11 is an extremely quiet vacuum cleaner, emitting only 73 dB in ECO mode. This is possible thanks to the 7-stage performance system, which consists of, among others, soundproofing foam, precise joining of parts, optimized air flow and improved ventilation.

MEZAMO.HU - Dreame V11 cordless vertical vacuum cleaner

New generation brushless motor

The extremely powerful Dreame SPACE 4.0 brushless motor turns up to 125000 rpm which gives a high suction power of 140 AW and allows to clean even the most dirty places. The modern cooling system allows stable engine operation without interruptions and without fear of overheating.

MEZAMO.HU - Dreame V11 cordless vertical vacuum cleaner


Filtration at the highest level

Additionally, the 12 cone cyclone filtration system can handle dust, pollen, animal hair and any particles up to 0.3 microns. The 5-stage filtration system can capture 99.7% of particles of dust, dirt or microorganisms, leaving much cleaner air behind. It is an ideal solution for allergy sufferers.

MEZAMO.HU - Dreame V11 cordless vertical vacuum cleaner

Endings for every occasion

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with four brushes: for floors, carpets and rugs, a small brush for furniture and a narrow brush for cracks. In combination with one of the 3 power modes (ECO, normal and TURBO), the interchangeable brushes allow you to vacuum any space comprehensively. The device can be used with a long floor pipe, a flexible hose for hard-to-reach places or only with a brush as a handheld vacuum cleaner.
MEZAMO.HU - Dreame V11 cordless vertical vacuum cleaner

In the box

Dreame V11 cordless vacuum cleaner
2-in-1 mounting for charging and storing
Power supply
Slot nozzle 2in1
2in1 brush
Soft brush nozzle
Small mechanical nozzle
Flexible extension tube
Extension tube




ModelDreame V11
Rated voltage25,2 V
Weight1,6 kg
Battery capacity3000 mAh
Suction power22000 Pa
Cleaning power150 AW
Dust container capacity500 ml
Nominal power450 W
EngineDream Space 4.0 High-speed Motor
Working timeTo 90 min
Charging time4 hours
Filtration system12-stage self-cleaning cyclone, 5-stage filtration system

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