Dreame T20 Pro cordless vertical vacuum cleaner

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Dreame T20 Pro cordless vertical vacuum cleaner – new level of cleaning

The Dreame T20 Pro cordless vacuum cleaner will take your cleaning to a whole new level. The 125,000 RPM motor delivers unparalleled performance and the powerful battery provides up to 70 minutes of battery life on a single charge. That’s not all! The vacuum intelligently scans the surface and then adjusts the suction power according to it. It also comes with several interchangeable brushes so you can clean your whole house perfectly.

MEZAMO.HU - Dreame T20 Pro cordless vertical vacuum cleaner

Modern motor

For efficient operation of the vacuum cleaner is responsible Dreame SPACE 4.0 motor, which is almost as advanced as those used in aviation. Its incredible speed allows it to reach a suction power of up to 25 000 Pa. Thanks to this, the T20 Pro efficiently and quickly gets rid of any dirt – even the most stubborn waste is no challenge for it. In addition, the shorter wind tunnel, the intelligent cooling technology of the battery and the HEPA filter placed right behind the motor ensure an even more stable and efficient performance.

MEZAMO.HU - Dreame T20 Pro cordless vertical vacuum cleaner

Clean and allergen-free home

The 5-stage filtration system not only provides effective cleaning, but also prevents secondary contamination. It allows the T20 Pro to tackle even microscopic particles. It eliminates up to 99.9% of dust mites, making it ideal for people with allergies. The advanced 12-cyclone cleaning system is responsible for extended filter life. The Dreame T20 Pro provides 99.97% filtration and effectively removes allergens, dust and pollen, allowing you to create a healthier home. Do you want more? You can wash both the filters as well as the dust container and the brush roll for hygiene and safety.

MEZAMO.HU - Dreame T20 Pro cordless vertical vacuum cleaner

The perfect floor brush

The intelligent vacuum cleaner brush is perfect for cleaning different types of floors. It quickly recognizes the type of vacuumed surface and adjusts the suction power accordingly to clean it as thoroughly as possible. A wider diameter shaft, V-shaped bristles and soft pads on both sides of the brush minimize the risk of hair getting caught in it. Thanks to that, vacuuming is efficient yet comfortable.

MEZAMO.HU - Dreame T20 Pro cordless vertical vacuum cleaner

Extra brushes for special tasks

In the Dreame T20 Pro package you will find not only a floor brush. The dust mite remover allows you to remove allergens from your mattress. The crevice brush is perfect for cleaning narrow spaces, such as the recesses in sofas and armchairs. The 2-in-1 brush is perfect for hard-to-reach, uneven surfaces and will clean, for instance your laptop keyboard. Dreame vacuum cleaner also allows you to clean the floors. The 250ml water tank and 2 water dispensing modes will remove all the dirt in your home. By using different nozzles of T20 Pro, you will thoroughly clean every corner of your home.

MEZAMO.HU - Dreame T20 Pro cordless vertical vacuum cleaner

Even longer operating time

Thanks to its capacious battery, the Dreame T20 Pro surprises you with its long runtime. In standard mode the device can vacuum for up to 70 minutes, in deep cleaning mode about 30 minutes, and in full power mode up to 8 minutes. Charging the vacuum only takes about 4 hours. Do you have large home? Or maybe you just want the extended run time of the T20 Pro? No problem. An extra battery is included so you can vacuum as long as you need.

MEZAMO.HU - Dreame T20 Pro cordless vertical vacuum cleaner

Easy to use

Operating the Dreame T20 Pro is incredibly easy – just push a button. The ability to electronically lock it in place allows the device to run continuously without the need to keep pressing it. This makes cleaning extremely comfortable. In addition, the HD color LCD screen makes cleaning even easier and gives you quick access to the most important information. It displays the current cleaning mode, the remaining time or a reminder to change the filter.

MEZAMO.HU - Dreame T20 Pro cordless vertical vacuum cleaner

Attention to every detail

The Dreame T20 Pro is also extremely comfortable to use. The 8-step noise reduction minimizes annoying noise so you can enjoy peace and quiet while vacuuming. Its ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use – you can easily point it wherever you want and even lift it up to clean the ceiling or higher shelves. Installing and replacing the brushes is no challenge at all and emptying the dust container only requires the push of a button – you don’t even have to touch the dirt. The ability to store the vacuum cleaner upright and charge it at the same time will save you both time and space in your home.

MEZAMO.HU - Dreame T20 Pro cordless vertical vacuum cleaner



ModelT20 Pro
Rated voltage25.2 VDC
Rated power450W
Suction powerdo 150AW
Main body weight1.67 kg
Runtime70 minutes
Charging time4 hours
Dust cup capacity0.6l



Packing list

Main body
2-in-1 brush
crevice nozzle
smart all-surface brush
Metal extension rod
Soft roller brush nozzle
Battery adapter
Extension hose
Mite removal nozzle
2-in-1 wall-mounted charging dock
Water tank + mop
2 batteries



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